R&D Day: The Most Wonderful Time of the Year

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At Reactive, the Most Wonderful Time of the Year happens each quarter with our Research & Development (R&D) Day.

2013's first R&D Day was in March, and each of our five global offices switched gears for a day and put our creative minds to work. Reactive continuously encourages its employees to come up with cutting edge projects that fall outside the scope of our regular work, and R&D allows time for us to explore these ideas. Each employee worldwide spends a day in a small team researching and developing a project of our own choosing, developing something that is innovative, relevant, and fun.

Seeing what Reactive employees are able to come up with in 24 hours is nothing short of impressive. R&D Day is an incredible time for us to discover new ideas, create new projects and innovate with the latest technology.

Projects ranged from mobile apps to close the physical and digital gap for a brand, to processes to implement office nap spaces for increased productivity, to tools which would speed up development time. The outcomes of R&D include empty pizza boxes and late office hours, but what’s truly remarkable are the prototypes for projects we create from idea to reality in just one day.

Danielle Pukala, Marketing Manager


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