The Great Work Manifesto

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At Reactive, our purpose is to produce Great Work. But what is Great Work? And how do you know when you’ve produced it? Reactive’s Great Work Manifesto keeps us focused on producing work that is creative, effective and challenging.

Our clients are Great
For any business, one of the keys to success is to have happy, engaged customers. So we strive to produce digital marketing that meets and exceeds our clients’ needs, and the needs of their customers. We push the boundaries of what’s possible in digital, and develop award-winning experiences that help them reach, engage, convert and retain customers. By doing so, we work to build long-term partnerships with our clients and help deliver effective return on their investment.

To ensure we’re continually improving our client relationships, we actively measure client satisfaction, which gives us great insight into what clients really want from us. We use the Net Promoter System to benchmark ourselves, and use the results of client interviews and surveys to inform the process of continuously improving our services.

But delivering Great Work for clients is just one piece of the puzzle (albeit a very important one).

Our team is Great
Next, we pride ourselves on our team and culture. Reactive is made up of multi-disciplinary teams of creative digital experts — designers, developers, account service and project management all collaborating to produce digital work of outstanding quality.

For any project to be deemed Great Work by our team, it needs to be of a very high standard. We’re all proud of the work we do, so we continuously strive to produce unique and engaging solutions to client problems, and we consider ourselves some of the best in the world at what we do.

If the work is not original, challenging, creative and innovative for our team, then it probably isn’t Great Work. 

Our business is Great
Finally, it’s possible to deliver outstanding work that meets all client needs, wins awards, and gives our team a sense of pride and purpose, but that ends up costing the business money (and eventually would force us to shut up shop!).

Thankfully, at Reactive this isn’t an issue because we pay very close attention to the third part of our Great Work equation: our business. We choose to partner with clients who understand the value of digital marketing and who allow us to do our best work for them. 

If a project doesn't come with a fair budget, and the opportunity to deliver the work profitably, then it's unlikely to be sustainable - and unsustainable client engagements are definitely note Great Work for anyone involved. By assessing our work against these three key outcomes, we can decide if a project has been worthwhile - and we can find the areas where we need to improve in a simple, effective way. 

At Reactive, we always set out to produce Great Work, so if we find that we haven't ticked some or all of the boxes, we have to look long and hard at what went wrong in our process, with our client, or with the team to identify how we can improve in the future. 

Putting it all together is really Great
So that's how you produce Great Work. Make sure your work exceeds the expectations of your clients, is fulfilling for your team and allows your company to grow sustainably, and you'll be producing Great Work too.  

This article first appeared in Perspectives 2013. Download the full PDF version or read it on Slideshare.

Stephen Foxworthy, Strategy Director


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